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Things to Know Before You Purchase a List for Your Water Slide Rental Business' Marketing

There are plenty of companies on the internet toting the sale of consumer lists to businesses, many of which also allow the purchaser to drill down the list by nearly any type of factor that they can imagine. As a commercial grade water slide rental business, this can be a particularly effective marketing tactic to grow your bounce house business. However, like anything this should be entered into with a bit of research and understanding.


Most vendors offer both mail and email lists. While email lists generally come at a higher cost, the price for your water slide rental business to market to these contacts is significantly lower than the printing and postage costs of direct mail. This is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding how to proceed with your list purchase.


The most important factor is to find the right vendor for your list. As a bounce house business, it will be most important for you to find a list based on zip code of the geographic area that you service. From there many list companies will also let you further break this down by age, income level, marital status, and a number of other factors that will make your message more likely to reach your water slide rental business' targeted audience.


Once you have narrowed your search to a few companies you will want to do your research on the vendor. Inquire about a guarantee that the addresses (whether these be mail or email) are valid. A reputable list company will generally stand by their list with a guarantee that at least 75% of their contacts will be valid. This can easily be measured with both mail and email through returned mail and bounced email addresses.


You should also request that the list vendor provide you with some customer references. Be sure to take the time to follow up with this. Many companies do not, and may regret this in the long run. Ask the customers about the success of their marketing using the company's list and the validity of the contacts that were supplied. You will very quickly be able to ascertain whether this is in fact a satisfied customer.


Depending on the list company that you have selected, some vendors choose to send the mailing out for you themselves, with the fee only covering a one-time mailing. In this case you will need to include a very strong call to action in your water slide rental business' message. Only by having the recipient contact you, by email or phone, will you capture their information for future marketing through your own bounce house database.


If the list company does provide you with the contacts for repeat marketing, you will still want to put your best foot forward with this initial communication. This will set the groundwork for how they perceive your commercial grade water slide rental business.


Purchasing a mailing list can certainly be an important aspect of your water slide rental business' marketing. Be sure to do the research so as not to fall prey to the number of companies online offering bad data for low prices.







Using Twitter to Market your Water Slide Rental Business

With today's age of mobile connectivity, social media marketing is a more and more important way for commercial grade water slide businesses to connect with their customers. Twitter is one of the big players in the world of social media, with over 232 million active users, 53 million of which are in the United States. For your bounce house business this means expanding the reach of your audience, at no additional cost to you.


The first component to successfully marketing your bounce house business on Twitter is to create a well branded bio page. Your bio should include relevant words such as 'bounce house' and 'water slide rental'. You want to use this area to be very clear on what your water slide business offers. Take advantage of the location section of this page as well, again being as specific as possible. This is particularly important for commercial grade water slides companies, where your business is so dependent on the geographic area.



Put some thought into the landing page you want your Twitter page to direct to. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily have to be your bounce house business' home page, a sub-page that may be more relevant and eye-catching may be more appropriate.


Once you have your Twitter page set up, reach out to your existing customers and business partners, encouraging them to follow you on Twitter. This will help you to gain an initial following, and further allow you to stay in touch with your bounce house customers.



Another key to successful marketing through Twitter is to create your own list of follows. Select some industry organizations and other professionals in the water slide industry. Feel free to retweet relevant information from these organizations on your own water slide business account. This will work towards establishing yourself as a leader and a professional in the water slide industry.


Regular tweeting is an important aspect of successfully marketing your water slide business on Twitter. Because tweets are short blurbs of not more than 140 characters, regular daily tweets are certainly possible, requiring minimal time commitment from your bounce house business. As you establish followers and continue looking to widen your reach, occasionally ask your followers to retweet your water slide business' posts, or mention favorite tweets to their own audience.


Twitter is a great way to also offer special water slide offers and discounts to your followers. You can have the customer reference an exclusive promo code to take advantage, or simply mention Twitter. This will also help to measure the effectiveness of your water slide business' social media marketing.



Another option is to run a contest through Twitter. For example 'the next 50 people to retweet this message will receive 20% off their next bounce house rental'. Not only will this entice your customers, but by retweeting this will also expand your water slide business' reach through Twitter. Check out water slide rentals Navarre FL to see how they are using there Twitter. 



Twitter is a great addition to your water slide business' marketing mix, and will further help you to build and establish your brand in the bounce house industry.






Tax Deductions for Commercial Grade Water Slide Rental Businesses

It is that time of year again, tax filing. For many Water slide Rental Business owners the mention of business tax filing can cause you to feel light-headed. However, this time of year doesn't have to be a headache. By taking advantage of tax deductions available to you as a commercial grade water slide rental business owner, you can make this a much more positive undertaking.

Donations. Did you donate your bounce house services this year to a non-profit? Perhaps you provided a bounce house for a local community event. These services can all be deducted from your taxes.

Storage. If you are storing your water slides off-site you can, of course, deduct this cost from you taxes. However, there is also a deduction available if your water slide equipment is kept in your home. You will need to provide the square footage area that your water slide occupies to take advantage of this. These deductions can really add up including mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs and depreciation.

Office Area. Additionally, if you are conducting your water slide rental business out of your home and have a designated space or office area for doing so, this is a tax deduction. You will need to provide the square footage of this space as well, and it should be used solely for your business.

Personal Car. If you are using your personal car occasionally for business use, you can deduct this as an water slide rental business expense on your taxes. This will be calculated based on a percentage of the actual mileage. As always, it is important to keep as accurate a record as possible documenting your mileage and business destinations. You should also keep track of any business related tolls and parking fees for end of the year deductions.

Bookkeeping. Many commercial grade water slide rental business owners send their end of the year taxes to an accountant, or other finance professional. When you are operating an water slide rental business, the cost incurred through this service is considered a business expense, and is tax deductible.

Charitable Contributions. Any contributions made to a charity through your water slide rental business' name can be written off as a tax deduction. Furthermore if you donated old bounce house equipment, computers, etc. to a non-profit organization this can be deducted as well. However, if the equipment has already fully depreciated this is not deductible.

Insurance Premiums. As a self-employed individual, if you are paying your own health insurance premiums this can be deducted as a business expense. Keep in mind that this deduction cannot be more than your water slide rental business' profits, a critical point for new business owners.

Child Labor. When you have your child, who is 17 or younger, working for your business their salary can be deducted as a business expense, allowing you to avoid paying income tax on this. This business deduction is only available for businesses that are sole-proprietorship or partnerships where the partners are spouses.


There are many deductions available for your commercial grade water slide rental business to ease the burden of tax time. Be sure to take advantage of these deductions. However, you also need to ensure that you can provide adequate backup to support these deductions in the event of an IRS audit.






Marketing your Water Slide Rental business on Facebook

Social media is certainly the up and coming marketing medium for businesses, including the water slide rental industry. Facebook remains one of the biggest players in the social media field, with over one billion active members on the site. Water Slide Rental businesses can utilize this resource to market their products by creating a Facebook Fan page dedicated to their business.

Setting up a Facebook Fan page is a simple and free way to market your water slide rental business, while solidifying your brand image. Through your Facebook Fan page you are able to share fun photos, sales and offers, links, and any other information that may be pertinent to your water slide rental target audience, even water slide video footage can be posted on your business' Facebook Fan page.

There are several ways to drive traffic to your Water slide Rental business' Facebook page, ultimately creating more "likes". You should place the Facebook icon with a link on your web site, encouraging visitors to follow your business on Facebook. Similarly, this logo and link should be included in your business' email signature, and in any email marketing or newsletter that goes out. This will go a long way to creating more likes for your bounce house business, and allow you to reach a wider breadth of audience.

If you are interested in investing some of your water slide rental business' marketing dollars in supporting your Facebook Fan page, you may want to try Facebook advertising. Similar to search engine advertising, these Facebook ads appear to the right column of the site. You are billed only when a visitor clicks on the ad, taking them through to your Facebook Fan page. Facebook allows you to target these ads very specifically with regard to both demographics and geographic area.

Facebook also allows you to promote a particular post that you have on your Facebook Fan page. For this advertising program you would pay a flat rate of your choosing. You can then select to have the post seen by people who like your page only, or this group and their friends. By promoting the post, it will ensure that this appears at the top of the users news feeds beyond the time when it is initially posted.

Another advertising option Facebook offers to businesses is Sponsored Stories. The focus for Sponsored Stories, which shows that a particular individual liked your page to that person's friends, focuses more on word of mouth marketing. This may be particularly useful to the water slide and water slide rental industry, which relies so heavily on word of mouth marketing. When friends see that "Jane Smith" liked XYZ Water slide Rentals on their own news feed, they are more likely to visit XYZ's Facebook page and like it themselves.

Marketing through Facebook is a great option for the Water Slide Rental industry. Today it is not necessarily enough to have a web site as your online presence. By failing to take part in the social media marketing that is available, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach a wider audience for your bounce house products.








4 Steps to Beginning a Bounce House Company

The idea of getting in a position to be your own boss is intriguing to most folks, and for very good cause. If you're your personal boss you're able to bring in an excellent offer a lot more money for yourself, as all of the profit that you make belongs to know a single but you, and you can choose how to shell out it, no matter if to financial institution the income or to reinvest it in your bounce house business. If you're interested in commencing your personal bounce house business, right here are the 5 actions that you will have to take.

Phase 1: Checking Yourself

Prior to you commence spending any money for your company, or searching at moonwalk product sales websites, it is a quite great idea to guarantee that you are a individual who is likely to be ready to make a organization like this get the job done. Really don't feel poor if you're not an individual who is ready to create a profitable company - not everyone is cut out to do so, and it's greater to seem deep into yourself to figure out if you are a man or woman who can make a organization work or not ahead of you spend funds at a moonwalk income site.

Action 2: Setting up

As soon as you have learned that you're a person who will be ready to have a prosperous company, it is time to start off setting up. What do you need to have to commence your bounce property business? You are going to want to have a bounce residence, and some starter organization capabilities, such as knowing how to advertise inexpensively and recognizing what your target sector is. It is best, of course, to figure out what your target market is just before you go to a moonwalk income website to make your very first acquire, so that you can make guaranteed that you obtain the sort of bounce household that will rent well in your place.

Action 3: The Investment

As soon as you've figured out your target market place, it's time to get your bounce home. Not absolutely everyone has the skill to acquire two or a few homes at once, so never get discouraged if your finances do not make it possible for you the potential to obtain far more than one particular bounce home. You can still produce a effective company with just a single home to start with. Make certain; in advance of your purchase that you have located a reliable water slide rental product sales web site to obtain from. It's an excellent concept to completely examine the web site before you make the purchase.

Move 4: Starting up the Small business

After you've acquired your bounce residence, you're ready to start off your organization! Commence advertising and marketing and make sure you've obtained your charges set up. It's a intelligent concept to set up and dismantle your home a variety of occasions just to make positive that when the calls arrive in, you're simply capable to set every little thing up.

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